Smoke Movement Analysis


Whether it's an atrium, theater, stadium, or other assembly space, smoke protection has become an integral part of building design. Proper analysis of smoke movement in a space is vital in designing smoke control systems that efficiently remove smoke from a space. The experts at CCI use various tools, such as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling, to analyze how smoke movement from potential fire scenarios affect the fire protection systems of a building and the life safety of the occupants..

Modern modeling methods simulate the actual architecture of a building to calculate realistic conditions throughout three dimensional volume of that building and can include the evaluation of the performance of fire protection and life safety systems within that space. This is often used in conjunction with a Timed Egress Analysis to compare the Required Safe Egress Time (RSET) to the Available Safe Egress Time (ASET). The use of these tools in the design of mechanical smoke control systems can greatly increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of these systems.

Smoke Movement Analysis Video

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